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David L. Shuster
Faculty Researcher & Geochronologist

My work is primarily focused on understanding processes that occur at and near the surfaces of Earth, Mars and Earth's moon. All of my work involves laboratory-based geochemical observations and the development of analytical techniques and numerical modeling tools for addressing specific questions. Because the application of "geochemical tools" requires a deep understanding of the basic physics and chemistry of geochemical systems --which in many cases is quite limited-- many of my recent efforts have involved basic research to quantify properties such as kinetics of diffusion and retention characteristics of radiogenic nuclides, and production rates of cosmogenic nuclides.

I am presently engaged in projects studying the development of topography in numerous glaciated and non-glaciated mountain landscapes across the globe, the development and BLANK

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preservation of chemical weathering profiles, and the thermal conditions experienced by lunar samples and meteorites as related to impact events and paelomagnetic observations. Opportunities to become involved with these and other projects currently exist for prospective graduate students and postdocs.

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Selected Publications

*Ingalls M., Rowley D.B., Olack G., Currie B., Li S., *Schmidt J.L., *Tremblay M.M., Polissar P., Shuster D.L., Lin Dl., Colman A. (2018) Paleocene to Pliocene low-latitude high elevation of southern Tibet: Implications for tectonic models of India-Asia collision, Cenozoic climate, and geochemical weathering, The Geological Society of America Bulletin, 130, 307-330. pdf

*Garcia V.H., Reiners P.W., Shuster D.L., Idleman B., Zeitler P.K. (2018) Thermochronology of sandstone-hosted secondary Fe- and Mn-oxides near Moab, Utah: Record of paleo-fluid flow along a fault, The Geological Society of America Bulletin, 130, 93-113. pdf


*Willett, C.D., **Fox M., Shuster D.L. (2017) A helium-based model for the effects of radiation damage annealing on helium diffusion kinetics in apatite, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 477, 195-204. pdf and corrigendum


**Fox M., **Tripathy-Lang A., Shuster D.L. (2017) Improved spatial resolution of elemental maps through linear inversion of LA-ICP-MS data, Chemical Geology, 46, 30-41. pdf


**Tikoo S.M., Weiss B.P., Shuster D.L., Sauvet C., Wang, H., Grove T.L. (2017) A two-billion-year history for the lunar dynamo, Science Advances, 3(8), e1700207, DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1700207. pdf


*Winn C., Karlstrom K., Shuster D.L., Kelley S., **Fox M. (2017) 6 Ma Age of carving Westernmost Grand Canyon: Reconciling geologic data with combined AFT, AHe, and 4He/3He thermochronologic data, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 474, 257-271. pdf

*indicates graduate student author at time of publication
**indicates postdoctoral author at time of publication

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