Other Facilities and Resources



Novel and highly acclaimed software for all laboratories is developed and maintained in-house, and is made available to the international scientific community. The integration of software, instrumentation, and automation in the argon laboratory resulted in nomination in 1992 for a Computerworld Smithsonian Award in the Science Category. The argon data acquisition and reduction program "Mass Spec" (by Alan Deino) is used in laboratories around the world.

BGC also distributes (at no cost) some of Ken Ludwig's computer programs, including Isoplot (a toolkit for data analysis and graphical presentation of geochronological and other radiogenic-isotope data), SQUID (processing, interpreting, and displaying SHRIMP U/Pb analyses), CalDat (indexing and processing of isotope-ratio data from Micromass Sector54 mass spectrometers), PbDat (data reduction and error propagation for U-Th-Pb isotopic analyses) and Analyst (for fully-automated control of Isomass 54E mass spectrometers). Contact Ken directly to inquire about these programs.


Sample Preparation

sample preparation BGC's laboratory facilities are supported by in-house electronics and mechanical shops, and sample preparation facilities. Sample preparation facilities support the analytical laboratories, and include standard equipment (crushers, mills, saws, heavy liquids, magnetic separators, sieves) for mineral separation and characterization (binocular and petrographic microscopes with digital photographic capabilities).


Laboratory Support Infrastructure

In-house electronics and vacuum shops support the various instruments used in the mass spectrometry and paleomagnetics laboratories.